Tokens for Mac

How to generate a promo code in iTunes Connect


  1. Use web interface.
  2. Use Tokens for Mac.
  3. Option A: Use web interface

    1. Sign in


    Open iTunes Connect in your web browser. Enter your Apple ID and password and click Sign In.


    If there is an Agreement Update, click Continue on the notification screen.

    2. Manage your apps


    Follow the Manage Your Applications link on the main screen.

    3. Select an app


    If the app you want to generate a promo code for is listed this first screen click it and move to step 4. Otherwise click the See All link.


    Find the app you want in this list. If you have more than 50 apps it may need to go to the next page.

    We're just getting started. Ready to consider Option B: Use Tokens for Mac yet?

    4. Select the app version


    Click View Details under the version of your app you want to generate a promo code for.

    5. Click Promo Codes


    Click the Promo Codes link at the top right of the page.

    6. Enter Number of Codes


    Enter the number of codes you want to generate and click Continue.

    We're nearly there, I swear, but skip to Option B: Use Tokens for Mac if you've had enough.

    7. Agree to contract


    Check the checkbox to state that you have read and agreed to the contract the click Continue.

    8. Download


    Click the Download button.

    9. Hey presto!


    A text file downloads containing your promo code. Copy and paste to share it with the recipient.

    Option B: Use Tokens for Mac

    With Tokens you can generate a promo code with one click. It also makes sharing them much easier and helps you track which ones have been redeemed. Watch the demo below or just download it now and give it a try.

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