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We'd love you to write about Tokens and we want to help make that as easy for you as we can. If you need anything that isn't here please get in touch.

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Sample Account

Developers sign in to Tokens using their iTunes Connect details. We understand you may not have a developer account yourself. To test the functionality of the app and generate fake promo codes you can download it for free and sign in with username and any password.



We put together a 50 second demo of Tokens in action. It's hosted on Vimeo and can be embedded in any website using an iframe.

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Developers sign in to iTunes Connect to manage their apps for distribution on the iOS and Mac App Stores.

One feature of iTunes Connect is the ability to generate promo codes for their apps. Developers use promo codes to provide advance copies of their apps to media contacts or to give away copies of their apps in promotions.

There are a number of issues with this process though, which we set out to address with Tokens.

Laborious to generate

Generating a promo code is no mean feat. We've outlined the process in detail here.

With Tokens, developers create app promo codes in one click. We wanted to make the process as easy as possible for developers so they don't have to deal with iTunes Connect each time they want to generate a code.

Awkward to redeem

When a developer sends a promo code, the recipient needs to go to the App Store, find the redeem section, and manually enter the promo code.

We wanted to make this a one click process too. Automatically generated URLs make promo codes a snap to share. These links instantly redeem the developer's app on the recipient's device.

  • Sample Token: demonstrates what the recipient will see. The promo code is just a sample and is no loner valid in iTunes.
  • Sample Redeemed Token: demonstrates how the token looks after it's been redeemed.
Impossible to track

Once a developer sends out a promo code, they have no way of knowing if or when it gets redeemed. Developers are only allotted 50 promo codes for each version of their app so if a code is never used it's wasted.

With Tokens, live notifications let the developer know when promo codes have been redeemed. As soon as the recipient clicks the link, Tokens will let them know.

Tokens makes developer's precious promo codes go further: as well as monitoring whether a promo code has been redeemed, it highlights how many days are left until it expires, allowing developers to identify and reuse unredeemed tokens.


Single User License

A Single User License ($29.99) allows a developer to use Tokens on all their Macs to manage promo codes for all their apps.

Other Licenses

Developers should contact to discuss multi-license packs, or consultancy licensing.

About Supertop

Tokens was originally developed by Supertop (Padraig Kennedy and Oisin Prendiville) in 2012. They also developed the Castro podcast player and in 2017 decided to focus their efforts on Castro and sold the rights to Tokens and Top Hat to Peer Assembly.

Padraig Kennedy lives in Vancouver, Canada. Before Tokens, he built Mountee, Picturescue, and Buscouver.

Oisin Prendiville lives in Dublin, Ireland. Before Tokens he developed My Artists.

About Peer Assembly

Peer Assembly is an Irish Mac and iOS developer run by Denis Hennessy. Its other developer tools include Linguan and BugHub

Contact Details


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